Mia Delloca has run many marathons but this was the first she ran for charity. This year she decided to become an SDS Warrior as the matter is close to her heart, she writes:

“I know a brave little girl who fights the condition daily.  It took doctors a scary 8 months from birth, and multiple inconclusive tests on her frail body, before finally diagnosing SDS.  NHS doctors and nurses remained stumped until then, while she struggled to put on weight and breathe.

Poppy is a boisterous two year old now with beautiful blushing cheeks.  She will have to manage her condition for the rest of her life, hopefully something that will become easier with greater medical industry understanding.”

SDSUK is extremely proud of her achievements. Congratulations on raising well over your target, and thank you for all your support Mia.

You can read a little more about her fundraising here.